Roma Norte, our neighborhood

We could live here. What a great walking, eating, dog-watching, park-filled part of the city. Our hotel, the Stanza, sat right on the edge across from Pushkin Park, and it couldn’t have been more convenient or pleasant.

From Taquitos Frontera, a fabulous restaurant (two locations–we preferred the one with the larger menu and a block away from the one that is actually on Frontera, both on Obregon) to Contramar, a world class splurge of splurges, the food is varied and fun. Pushkin Park on the weekend was filled with kids learning to roller skate on one end and an open, off leash dog extravaganza on the other.

At all times the shopping, street vendors, shady streets, lovely architecture, and sidewalk scene were comfortable and fun, safe and friendly, bustling and peaceful in turn.

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