Small things

When the first Bush was elected my husband said, “Well, I guess we will be listening to a lot more music for the next 4 years.”  He meant “Turn off the news, quick!!”

I spend about an hour a day reading political blogs and getting myself worked up about the latest victory, the latest injustice.  I’m not at all certain when my appetite for this content will return.  At the moment I’m digging in to escapist TV (The Crown!!) and escapist sci-fi (Old Man’s War series at the moment).

We all know, we often repeat, how a life of generosity and justice and love begins at home. That family and friends are more important than what might be happening in the bigger world.  That it’s the small things that make the difference.  These ideas and values had better be right, because I plan to cling to them for the next little while.  Then, I imagine, I’ll be back to consuming the news, fretting over what new horror the white, right-wing folks are planning and doing.  Love, peace, harmony, justice–I’ll keep trying to live every one and wish the same to all.  And music–listen to more music!

One thought on “Small things

  1. Loved reading this Catherine. The emotional ups and downs in these past few days have been very educational. Glad that depression, for me, cannot take hold forever. Lots to think about and gear up for during this next trying period. Cannot believe that Trump will be able to escape any consequences for his actions and beliefs. His voters are in for some very rough shocks themselves. However, it may be a learning curve for them too. We can hope.

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